Jess Neary

In 2012, I left a successful career in Human Resources to create a life more in alignment to what lit me up.

What lights me up?

Helping others to do what lights them up!

We all need space to do so, and this is where I step in…

Creating supportive environments is a passion of mine and something that I have been doing my whole life. As a child I remember rearranging my bedroom endlessly, just to find a layout that “felt” right. In high school, I remember taking an entire term shifting my bed around to figure out how I slept most comfortably.

Therefore, after leaving my Human Resources career I studied Interior Design and obtained my Interior Design Diploma.

It wasn’t enough.

What Interior Design offered me was a practical solution to creating spaces from the ground up. What Interior Design did not offer was an understanding of how the environments in which we create help shape our reality. The relationship between our behavior and our environment is a topic that I largely resonate with.

Feng Shui entered my life after my husband and I began creating our own family. Our daughter was born, and it was very clear that our home needed to be re-designed to welcome this new chapter into our lives. It did not need to be most aesthetically pleasing. it needed some energy work. And, the more shifts that were made in our home, facilitated a shift in our lives simultaneously.

I obtained my Feng Shui Certification and I have now witnessed many shifts in the lives of the many clients that I have worked with over the past 4 years, personally and professionally.

Operating from my home in Hampton, New Brunswick, I have worked alongside clients from my local community and around the world. Ranging from self employed entrepreneurs, medium-sized business owners, to homeowners – each client is looking for more peace and less overwhelm.

If you are wanting to renovate or redesign your space & life, I can help.